Ahhhhhhhhhh.  Summer is upon us!!  Finally!!  Time to get them summertime vibes happening.

You know what I love about summer?  It makes you feel good! Warm sunshine, longer days, beaches, picnics.  All those fun things that you can’t do in the cold winter weather.  Lots of laughter, good food and great company.  Summertime vibes I like to call it.

Haven’t quite felt the vibes just yet or not even sure what I’m talking about?  Don’t worry, I’ve got some basic tips for you to help set yourself up for a fun summer.

Ditch the technology

Put the phone down, switch off the wifi, put the laptop away and pack up the playstation.  Get together with family and friends and enjoy each others company.  Play some old school games like monopoly and charades.  I guarantee you will enjoy yourself and have lots of laughs and laughter is good for the soul.  If you’re having trouble getting devices off people, get everyone to put their phones in a bowl and the first one to take their phone out of the bowl has to be held accountable (entirely up to you what that looks like).


At the end of the day, no matter how hectic it has been, kick back with an iced tea (or something more to your liking) and just relax.  Be thankful for your day (even if it was crappy) and enjoy your time.

Head outdoors

Get outside as much as you can, don’t stay cooped up inside for too long.  Head outside and go for a walk, a swim, a bike ride.  Whatever takes your fancy, just get outside.  The sun provides us with much-needed vitamin D so heading outside for 20min a day will give you your daily dose.

Good food

There is such an abundance of produce available in the warmer weather so make the most of it.  Head to your local farmers market for some fresh seasonal produce or even better in your own garden and enjoy.  Turn that barbie on, chuck on some steak, make up a salad and it’s a recipe for good food.  Keep your food light and don’t overdo it.  There’s nothing worse than feeling weighed down in summertime.


Play some music.  It’s been proven that music can uplift you so put on some funky summertime jams and enjoy.

Stay hydrated

Drink lots and lots of water.  We dehydrate easily in the warmer weather so take a water bottle with you wherever you go.

So make the most of the summertime.  Get them summertime vibes happening, all you need is some great company, less technology, good food, water and music.  And if there’s no one to enjoy the day with, the recipe still works when your on your own.

Enjoy the warmer weather guys.