Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Meet the Founders of Top Health and Wellness Group!

A group of individuals who believed in a vision that not only cared about your gut health, but took into account your mental and overall wellness.

Together with our group of exceptional Ambassadors and THAW Leaders  you will see, and meet on your journey, we will uphold our culture and vision for our people with utmost integrity!

We look forward to you joining our THAW family.

Doris Walker

Business Lead

Doris Walker – Founder and Business Lead for THAW (Top Health and Wellness) A devoted mother of 3 and loving grandmother of 5.  She, along with her very talented husband (image below) have united their strengths with our Company to better the lives of their Global Communities.

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Of Ngati Porou descent (New Zealand) Doris resides in Mandurah, Australia.  She is a passionate individual with a background in Community development, Human rights facilitation, Accounts and Customer service.  She has also thrived in both Early childhood and Adult education.

Doris continues to lead the way for THAW by efficiently and effectively working with our people as one of our two business leads, with her knowledge and heart behind her work ethic she has taken on the full-time commitment of monitoring our incoming family (Global customers)

We are very lucky to be in the company of Doris!


Piri Jackson

Marketing Lead

Piri – Founder and Marketing Lead for THAW (Top Health and Wellness). She is a Mother of two bubbling boys and currently living in Western Australia.

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She is of proud Te Arawa, NgaPuhi descent. (New Zealand)

Prior to Top Health and Wellness, Piri had completed her Communication and Marketing studies at the University of Auckland (New Zealand) and launched straight into the telecommunications and ICT sectors.  It seemed like the “normal” process to follow.

In her 14 year working history, she has run marketing departments for ICT companies and Managed Corporate Accounts and Developed Online businesses that include a variety of digital and data footprint projects. With a sturdy hand across Marketing Management, Account Management, Social Media, along with her keen eye for sustainable vision and an INNATE desire to give back to her global communities. She joined forces with the team you see here to develop THAW!

To remain relevant!, she lives in a space of constant innovation and “Whats Next!”

She is also a Nominee for this years 2018 Women in IT WA!


Teresa Hawkins

Business Lead

Teresa Hawkins – Founder and Business Lead of THAW (Top Health and Wellness). Teresa is of Ruapani and Ngapuhi descent from New Zealand.

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She is the proud mother of 3 boys, several nieces and nephews who have inspired her to be the mother and aunty she is today. 

She is passionate about the holistic wellbeing and health of people, and is driven by her desires to share her experiences, stories and the THAW community she belongs to. 

Her belief in finding the untapped potential and giving others the platform to express this adds to her dreams, goals and aspirations that we all should experience a complete 360 degree of health and wellness. 


Thornett Walker

Information Technology Lead

Thornett Walker – Founder and Information Technology Lead for THAW (Top Health and Wellness) A hard worker from the beginning, with a natural ablity to adapt to his surroundings! Now taking on and with exceptional competence completing the I.T tasks for THAW.

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Now living in Western Australia after working in the Australian Mining industry for several years, Thornett has had a background with experiences from varied industries from welding to graphic design, or fencing to teaching. Thorn has proven his flexibility. 

Flexibility being integral in an IT space!

We/THAW are in good hands with a man who always finds a solution!


Tessa Flowers-Morrell

Professional Services Lead

Tessa Flowers-Morrell – Professional Services Lead for THAW (Top Health and Wellness) Tessa is a happily married Mother of 4 living in New Zealand.  Tessa has continually proven her knack for networking and creative guidance.

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With a plethora of background experience, She has been a photographer for 7 years, a Recreation Programmer, Business Owner.  She brings a sound mind for business to our team with an exceptional eye for creative detail and networking!

Her passion for overall health and wellness and her love for her family and the community saw her partnership with THAW come as a natural alliance!

She is also responsible for many of the creative flares you will see in THAW’s materials including our e-book and meal plans.

We are EXTREMELY Lucky to have Tessa as apart of our THAW family!


Israel Hawkins

Cultural Advisor

Israel Hawkins – Founder and Cultral Advisor for THAW (Top Health and Wellness) Israel is of Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāti Tama and Ngāti Tuwharetoa descent. He has 25 years experience in community and family development.

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This includes 10 years managing an open home for young men aged 15 – 18 years old. He also has extensive experience in community development generated through enterprise and economic development with isolated and rural communities. Israel has qualifications in Te Reo and Tikanga Māori, Adult Training and Education and is an accredited DISC Model facilitator focused on ideal behavioural preferences or staff and individuals.


From Top Health and Wellness Group

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