Thaw 360 Plan

Thaw 360 Plan

About our Plan

The key focus for Top Health and Wellness Group is to ensure that our Thaw360 plan and what we offer is targeted at addressing our holistic wellbeing – Incorporating the 3 Pillars of Health (Nutrition, Movement & Mindset)

Our Thaw360 meal plan will assists with the following:

  • An easy to follow & nutritionally well-balanced meal plan complete with high quality supplement support (we use Supplements which are of high quality and absorption from Modere which a company is who have been around for 30 years)
  • Increased energy levels – no more feeling fatigued
  • Assist in Gut Health, Inflammation & weight-loss
  • Assist with symptoms relating to digestive and hormonal issues, bloating and brain fog
  • And provides a mentoring program, face book community private group that supports you throughout your journey and beyond – build a life of living on this journey

Area’s of difference for our plan is:

Simplicity and specially designed to be family friendly, for the busy families and a plan where you don’t have to think about it or are focused on it and it just becomes a way of life.

Just a little insight for you:

 No Calorie counting and more variety, a balanced meal 3 times a day just to name a few.

What is the cost of our program?

Thaw360 offers a variety of supplement packs (30 days) to suit your lifestyle as well as your budget with packs ranging from $150 – $220 nz/au. Thaw360 is global so therefore able to provide a service and suitable supplement package for you. One of our Thaw360 leaders will be able to design a supplement schedule suitable to your requirements.

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